How Hericium Mushroom Can Aid Mental Health

The past 18 months have had a monumental effect on the mental health of millions of individuals. The stresses of life have been stretched to breaking point, including isolation, job insecurity and losses, bereavement and financial strain. These can all contribute to mental health problems, but there are natural solutions to help those suffering get back to their best.

Mental Health in the UK

Research has found that the past 18 months of lockdown has had a major impact on the UK’s mental health, including increased rates of suicidal thoughts. The study found suicidal thoughts increased from 8% to 10% and they were highest among young adults aged 18 – 29, rising from 12.5% to 14%. This data suggests that the huge social and economic uncertainty associated with the ongoing pandemic may be causing some people to feel negative emotions.

According to the study, young people, women and individuals from more socially disadvantaged backgrounds and those with pre-existing mental health problems reported the worse mental health outcomes in the initial phase of the national lockdown. However, there are small changes individuals can make to potentially improve their mental health, including diet changes.

Healing Hericium

Mushrooms come in lots of different shapes, sizes and colours. They are fat-free, low-sodium, low-calorie and cholesterol-free. They are also packed with fibre, vitamins and minerals. Mushroom nutrition is backed by several studies that support their ability to improve the immune function, reduce inflammation, protect against cancer and more.

While all medicinal mushrooms share similar compounds, Hericium (Lion’s Mane) mushroom may be particularly effective at boosting mental health and positivity.

How can Hericium help?

Hericium mushroom is a large, white fungus with a long, shaggy spine which resembles a lion’s mane. Also known as Hericium Erinaceus or the Hedgehog mushroom, Hericium grows on hardwood trees across North America, Asia and Europe. The Hericium mushroom has been traditionally used to support brain health.

The Hericium mushroom is favoured for its ability to improve the development and function of the nerves, which may help to prevent conditions such as memory loss. It is the bioactive substances in the mushroom that have beneficial effects on the body, particularly the brain.

Hericium may support cognitive health and memory, while protecting against cognitive decline by promoting the production of the nerve growth factor. This is a chemical that is critical in the development and survival of neurons, while regulating cells in the nervous system. It is the anti-inflammatory effects found in Hericium that may help to ease anxiety, reduce depression and improve sleep quality.

Many describe the taste of Hericium mushroom as “seafood-like”, often comparing it to crab or lobster, therefore one of the easiest ways to incorporate Hericium into your lifestyle is in capsule or powder form.

Mycology Nutrition Hericium Mushroom Capsules

The 450mg capsules are perfect for those who prefer an easy, convenient solution to receive the health benefits of the Hericium mushroom. 

What makes these mushrooms special is that unlike other mushroom products, Mycology Nutrition uses the whole food, rather than an extract to ensure better digestibility. All products contain both mycelium and a fruiting body to ensure there is no loss of valuable enzymes, co-enzymes and important co-factors.

Each bottle contains 90 organic, gluten-free capsules which can be consumed easily. For your correct dosage, please refer to the packaging label for directions*.

*Please note the mushroom capsules cannot be mixed with acidic drinks such as organic juice or carbonated drinks.

Mycology Nutrition Hericium Mushroom Powder

The 120gram whole food powder is a versatile tool to get the health benefits of the Hericium mushroom. This can be added to tea, cereals, soups, shakes and more for a delicious snack!

The organic mushrooms are high in fibre, vitamins and minerals, specifically Vitamin D2 which helps your body absorb calcium and phosphorus. The mushrooms are high in ergosterol which is converted into Vitamin D2, which is known to be deficient in Western diets due to the unpredictable British weather!

Just like the whole Mycology range, the Hericium mushroom is simply grown, milled into a powder, resulting in a pure product ready to be consumed. 

The Verdict

Whether encapsulated or powdered, the Hericium mushroom is a powerful tool to improve positivity and address mental health disorders, ensuring that you get back to your best.

The complete Mycology Nutrition range is available on our shop. For any additional information on our Hericium mushroom products or the Mycology Nutrition range, please contact us at


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