Shiitake Mushroom - 5 Key Benefits

An edible mushroom that is typically eaten like a vegetable in the East, Shiitake is a brilliant addition to aid natural health and wellbeing. 

Being low in calories, they offer great levels of fibre, vitamin B and minerals, along with some powerful health benefits.

1) Heart Health

Shiitake contains 3 main compounds which help to lower cholesterol levels:

1) Eritadenine - this inhibits an enzyme which produces cholesterol

2) Sterols - helps block absorption of cholesterol in your gut

3) Beta Glucans - a type of fibre which naturally lowers cholesterol

Studies have shown that consuming Shiitake mushroom as part of a balanced diet helped improve heart health and contribute to positive wellbeing. 

2) Immune System

One study tested two patients - one took some dried shiitake daily while the other didn't.

The results - the individual who consumed Shiitake saw an improvement in their immune markers which led to their inflammation levels decreasing. 

3) Strengthen Bones

Did you know... mushrooms are the only natural plant source of Vitamin D?

Shiitake provides levels of Vitamin D2, helping build strong bones. 

It's worth noting that very few foods contain this important nutrient. 

4) Anti-Cancer

Shiitake has a high Polysaccharides content, which has been shown to inhibit the growth and spread of leukemia cells.

The anti-cancerous properties of this mushroom have also been prized to help fight tumours to protect your immune system. 

5) Ideal in Cooking

A great addition to a soup, stir-fry or a tasty snack, Shiitake is a versatile ingredient to many dishes. 

With this long list of health benefits, it's a great idea to include this mushroom as part of your next culinary adventure. 

How Can I Take Shiitake?

There are two easy ways to consume Shiitake mushroom - capsuled or powdered.

Benefits of Capsules - quick, easy consumption - good for on the go

Benefits of Powdered - can be taken with food, or in a smoothie


Now you've got a better understanding of the powerful Shiitake mushroom, incorporating this into your routine is a breeze. 

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