Turkey Tail Mushroom - 5 Key Benefits

Being one of the most popular health mushrooms around, Coriolus Veriscolor sounds as interesting as it looks.

Sharing it's name with something traditionally consumed at Christmas, it is commonly known as 'Turkey Tail' mushroom

Possessing striking colours and a bright appearance, this mushroom has been used for centuries worldwide for a variety of health conditions.

1) Immune System 

If you're prone to the common cold and sick of feeling under the weather (pardon the pun), then Turkey Tail mushroom could be the answer.

This mushroom contains powerful immune-boosting properties. Polysaccharopeptides (PSP) are protein-based polysaccharides (PSK) carbohydrates, which both activate and inhibit specific types of immune cells by reducing inflammation. 

Some studies have found that Turkey Tail mushroom is useful to also inhibit the growth and spread of unhealthy colon cells in humans. Quite a powerful little mushroom if you ask us! 

2) Gut Health

This mushroom has also been prized for its ability to enhance your gut health. 

How does it do this?

Well... tests have uncovered that Turkey Tail can help reduce damage caused by oxidative stress, while reducing numbness and pain. 

3) Cancer-Fighting 

Those key compounds we discussed earlier, PSP and PSK are also useful for colon and breast cancer, by inhibiting the growth of cancerous cells.

In terms of its uses for post-chemotherapy, there is a limited amount of research to suggest that Turkey Tail could be an effective treatment for this.

Though this is the case, we're confident that this powerful mushroom has a lot more to give for anti-cancerous properties, so watch this space!

4) Obesity

Shockingly, 63% (35 million) of people in the UK are currently classified as being overweight or obese (2021 stats).  

The effects of the pandemic haven't been kind to many's waistline, with high fatty foods being the centre of attention. 

Luckily, Turkey Tail mushroom isn't a fan of obesity - and contains protein-based beta-glucans (PBG) which may aid weight loss. 

A study in mice found that PBG helped prevent weight gain in those who consumed a high fat diet. 

This compound may help balance certain bacteria found in the gut, making Turkey Tail a useful addition to aid those weight loss goals. 

5) Antioxidants for Anti-Aging

Lastly, Turkey Tail mushroom contains Phenols and Flavonoids

These compounds can prevent damage to tissue, which typically cause chronic illness and premature aging.

So - if you're looking for a Benjamin Button effect, Turkey Tail mushroom may just be the mushroom for you. 

How Can I Take Turkey Tail?

There are two easy ways to consume Turkey Tail mushroom - capsuled or powdered.

Benefits of Capsules - quick, easy consumption - good for on the go

Benefits of Powdered - can be taken with food, or in a smoothie


Now you've got a better understanding of the powerful Turkey Tail mushroom, incorporating this into your routine is a breeze. 

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