50% OFF HALLOWEEN SPECIAL: Can You Work Out Who Hid The Magic Pumpkin?

The Case of the Magical Pumpkin

We need your help! One of the suspects below has hidden a magical pumpkin with treasures inside, in an attempt to stop the Halloween fun for everyone.

Successfully solving this mystery before Halloween will ensure you receive up to a 50% discount across a wide range of products, so stay on the ball and collect clues over the coming weeks to be in with a chance of winning! 

Spooky Suspects

How Does It Work?

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be releasing clues via email & Instagram (@phoenixnutriscience)highlighting each character's profile, their motives and clues on who they think hid the magic pumpkin.

Remember, there is only one suspect who is guilty, so it's in your hands to save Halloween for all of us!

Make sure you're following online so you don't miss any crucial hints!

Your Task to Win This Exclusive Discount:

1) Tell us who has hidden the magic pumpkin
2) Tell us which clues justify your decision
3) Solve the mystery before the clock strikes midnight on Halloween


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