Maitake Mushroom: About, Benefits & How to Take

Maitake Mushroom: About, Benefits & How to Take

Health mushrooms have been used for thousands of years, particularly in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for their potential to boost human health. 

Numerous scientific experiments and research articles have confirmed these benefits, with each species of mushroom possessing their own special benefit.

Maitake mushroom is one of the most popular species for its particularly impressive properties, which have helped propel wellbeing potentials in a multitude of ways. 

So, without further ado, here's what makes this mushroom special... 

What is Maitake mushroom?

Also known as Hui Shu Hua, this medicinal mushroom is packed full of potential.

Simply translated to 'dancing mushroom' from Japanese, this fungus acquired its name after people danced with happiness when finding it in the wild and uncovering its huge healing potential. 

Maitake grows in wild regions across China, Japan and North America, growing at the bottom of Maple, Elm or Oak trees most commonly during Autumn. 

What are the potential benefits?

In the eyes of Traditional Chinese Medicine, this fungus is sweet in flavour and balanced in nature. It's function predominantly targets the lungs, kidney, liver, colon and bladder meridians.

Maitake has been known to potentially increase qi, strengthen the spleen, harmonise the stomach, clear heat, eliminate dampness, replenish emptiness, support the upright, strengthen kidneys, calms/anchors spirit, weak qi, exhausted body, lack of vigour, weakened mind and dislike of food.  

Some Western potential benefits of consuming this fungus include:

  • Promote anti-cancer regression
  • Diabetes control
  • Immuno-stimulant effects
  • Weight regulation support
  • Detoxify the body
  • Assist to protect the liver by processing toxins
  • Absorb micro-nutrients, including zinc and copper


How can I take Maitake mushroom?

The best thing about health mushrooms is that they can be used in a multitude of ways, whatever your preference. 

There are a few different ways to consume this 'shroom to help boost your wellness: 


Each capsule contains 450mg of organic Maitake mushroom, making them a highly concentrated supplement to ensure you receive the health benefits of the mushroom. 

A daily recommendation is 3 capsules, 1-3 times daily to support your health & wellbeing goals. 


This form of Maitake mushroom can be added to any meal/drink in the form of a food supplement (excl. citrus products). 

A daily recommendation is 2g of powder (2 heaped spoons), 1-3 times daily with or without food. 



Now that you've got a number of ways to use this mushroom, start your journey towards a healthier lifestyle with the help of 'shrooms!

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