Hi, we're Mycology Nutrition ūüĎč!

Mycology Nutrition is a range of USDA Organic health mushroom products; mushroom coffee, supplements and raw dried mushrooms cultivated on the highest quality oats to help you achieve your health and wellbeing goals. 

This is what goes in our products: 100% natural, plant-based ingredients that are completely free from additives, artificial flavourings, added sugar and preservatives.

We could dedicate this section to waxing on about the transformative magic of our mushroom-based range (don’t worry, we do that plenty elsewhere on the site), but we know nothing matters more to you than what goes into them.

No wool-over-eyes, no song and dance, just the raw data of what powers our mycological collection - AKA, the only part that truly matters.

  • USDA Organic

    All of our mushroom products are made with 100% authentic USDA organic ingredients.

  • Authentic Herbs

    Mixed with 100% natural Eastern herbs, benefit from remedies sought after for over a thousand years.

  • Key to Wellness

    By consuming health mushrooms, reconnect with your wellbeing goals naturally.

  • UK Based

    Each batch of health mushrooms are checked in the UK, to ensure the highest quality is maintained.

Keep Sipping On

Calling all coffee lovers!

A great alternative to those expensive takeaway coffee cups - enjoy £1 per serving of health mushroom coffee, packed with health boosting benefits!

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Get Creative

Utilising mushroom powder in your next culinary recipe is a fantastic and easy way to benefit from authentic 'shroomy goodness, giving an extra level of flavour to an otherwise ordinary dish...

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Better Yourself

Consuming medicinal mushrooms in either capsule or powder form is an incredibly easy way to benefit from natural ingredients to increase longevity and boost wellness!

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