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The Mycology Nutrition Range

Mushroom Capsules

With 450mg of pure health mushroom in each capsule, these are a highly concentrated supplement for a range of health goals. The perfect on-the-go solution.

Mushroom Powder

Easily mixed with food or non-acidic drinks, powdered form is a simple but effective way to receive the health mushroom benefits.

Mushroom Coffee

Specially crafted to help endurance, focus and immunity - these are a delightful herbal blend of health mushroom and premium coffee.

Raw Dried Mushrooms

Grown with the DaoDi Principle, these raw dried mushrooms are perfect to enhance herbal drinks or culinary dishes to support health and wellbeing.

Let's Introduce Ourselves

We are Mycology Nutrition - a range of 100% natural adaptogenic health mushroom coffee & supplements, perfect to enhance health & wellbeing.

What Makes Us Different?

USDA Organic Mushrooms

Our mushroom products are GMP certified and grown on organic oats in California.

High in Vitamin Content

Our mushrooms are exposed to an ultraviolet light during the cultivation process for high vitamin content.

Created with Hull Intact

Our mushrooms contain the hull, mycelium and young fruit body for better digestibility and efficacy.

Tested in the USA & Germany

The mushrooms are dried and milled before they are tested for quality control in the USA and Germany.

About Mycology Nutrition

Grown on Organic Oats in California

All of our health mushroom products are cultivated in highly controlled conditions, to ensure the highest quality. Our range is 100% natural and free from preservatives, colourings or GMOs.

GMP Quality Certified

This is to ensure a pure and authentic end product as the potent activity is maintained through growing the mushrooms in strictly controlled conditions to the latest Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

USDA Organic Mushrooms

Grown on gluten-free oats rather than rice, this ensures the mushrooms are free from arsenic and heavy metals. They are naturally gluten free, Kosher and suitable for vegetarians.

What Our Customers Are Saying...


Our mushrooms used in supplements are grown in California on 100% organic and gluten-free oats rather than rice which ensures the mushrooms are free from arsenic and heavy metals ✨.

We use the whole food rather than an extract to ensure better digestibility. All products contain both mycelium and a fruiting body to ensure there is no loss of essential ingredients 🙌.

Our Dried Mushrooms are produced using the DaoDi concept, whereby they are cultivated and harvested in precise geographical locations, with specific attention to prohibiting sulphur treatment 💚.

This ensures that the best quality dried mushroom can be incorporated into herbal teas ☕ and cooking 🍳 to promote better health and wellbeing ✅.

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