Introducing: New & Improved 60g Mushroom Powders

Introducing: New & Improved 60g Mushroom Powders

Here at Mycology Nutrition, we’re committed to one thing: providing you with the best organic functional mushrooms we’re capable of growing, testing and preparing. We set extremely high standards for ourselves, and that goes beyond our requirements for superlative quality.

We’re mindful about what we use to store our mushrooms, what we ship them in, which containers we use. Part of being committed to a high standard is recognising that there is always room for improvement. One of the areas we identified, with your help, was the packaging for our mushroom powder range

Mycology Nutrition 60g powder pouches: cheaper, more eco-friendly, and easier-to-use/store

We keep an open ear here at Mycology, and for some time we’ve listened to feedback on where you think our powder packaging could be improved. We kept that in mind during the redesign process, combining your suggestions with our own vision for the rework. 

We’d like to thank anyone who offered their feedback for helping to make our powders, and Mycology Nutrition at large, better. It’s led to something pretty exciting: new and improved 60g powder pouches, now smaller, cheaper, and more sustainable

3 reasons our new powder packaging is simply better

Easier to use & store

Customers had informed us previously that our powders were oversized in content and in packaging. If you’re someone who supplements with a number of our mushroom powders, storing/transporting those bottles can be a bit of an issue. 

We have to store our capsules in bottles to prevent breakage, but because powder is fine in nature, we realised a sleeker, thinner form factor was possible. It means you’ll be able to store and move your powders a bit easier, allowing you to spend more time on the important things... like organising your mushroom supplement collection.

More eco-friendly

As a company totally dedicated to providing 100% natural organic mushrooms, it’s no surprise that we’re similarly committed to minimising our environmental impact.

Whilst there are a number of benefits for our customers, a big part of our transition to paper bags was their improved sustainability. It's another step forwards in our quest to eco-optimise every facet of our manufacturing process. 

More affordable

Times are tough financially, and it’s understandable that many people are finding they have to cut back on non-essentials. But supplementation is a crucial part of the day for many, especially those who find significant cognitive and physical benefits from our mushroom powders. 

Because of the reduced weight and streamlined packaging, our 60g powders are far more affordable. It’s still the same excellent, high-quality mushroom powder, just a bit cheaper

New packaging, same quality

We’re really excited about our new packaging – we think every change is a positive one. You’ll still get exactly the same concentration and formulation – just in a more bite-size format, at a lower price, and in more sustainable/easier-to-use-and-store packaging

That last sentence is our sales pitch for why we think our 60g pouches are something to be excited about. But we'd love to hear what you make of the change in the comments below.

To shop our mushroom powder range in their new, resplendent packaging, click the link.  

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