How to Make a Turkey Tail Latte

How to Make a Turkey Tail Latte

Ready to become a skilled barista one cuppa at a time? Here's a quick and easy recipe to infuse health mushrooms with roasted coffee beans to create a delightful latte...

Ingredients Needed

- 18g ground espresso (of your choice) / 1 espresso pod

- 250ml milk (or almond milk, your choice)

- Your prized large coffee mug (300-350ml) 

- 1 teaspoon Turkey Tail mushroom powder

- 1 tablespoon coconut oil 


Step 1 - Brew the Espresso

Brew your grounded espresso and then pour the mixture into the base of your large coffee mug. 

Step 2 - Steam that Milk 

While your espresso is settling nicely, heat your milk of choice for around 30-45 seconds in a microwave-safe cup. 

Once your milk has heated, whisk it as vigorously as you can for around 15-20 seconds to allow it to froth. 

Step 3 - Add some Turkey Tail to the Mix

Measure out 1 teaspoon of Turkey Tail mushroom powder and mix with your coffee at the bottom of the mug for around 10 seconds. 

Step 4 - Combine the Coffee Mixture and Milk 

Carefully pour the frothed milk on top of the Turkey Tail coffee in your large mug. You'll know if you've nailed the art of pouring if the foam rises to the top of the mug easily. 

Step 5 - End Sweetly 

Add 1 tablespoon of coconut oil at the end to give your homemade latte a sweet kick to satisfy any sweet tooth lover! 


What's the Benefit of Turkey Tail Mushroom Powder

There are a number of health benefits when consuming Turkey Tail mushroom powder...

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