What is Mycology Nutrition?

Mycology, simply known as ‘the study of mushrooms’, is becoming increasingly popular due to the wide range of nutritional values in mushrooms. The health properties of mushrooms are used in traditional medicine, food and nutrition.

Mycology Nutrition is centred around 9 varieties of mushroom (see chart below), with different properties formulated for health and wellbeing. We understand that nutrition is a huge contributor to a healthy lifestyle, so have created these products in both capsule and powder form to enhance your health. 


What makes these mushrooms special?

The mushrooms are grown in California on 100% organic and gluten-free oats, rather than rice. This ensures that the mushrooms are free from toxic compounds, such as arsenic and heavy metals. The mushrooms are dried and milled before tested for heavy metals in both the USA and Germany.

The mushrooms are 100% natural and contain no preservatives, colourings or GMOs. This is to ensure a pure and authentic end-product as the potent activity is maintained through growing the mushrooms under strictly controlled conditions, to the last Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).  

What makes these mushrooms special is that unlike other mushroom products, Mycology Nutrition uses the whole food, rather than an extract to ensure better digestibility. All products contain both mycelium and a fruiting body to ensure there is no loss of valuable enzymes, co-enzymes and important co-factors.

The organic mushrooms are high in fibre, vitamins and minerals, specifically Vitamin D2 which helps your body absorb calcium and phosphorus. The mushrooms are high in ergosterol which is converted into Vitamin D2, which is known to be deficient in Western diets due to the unpredictable British weather!


How can these mushrooms be consumed?

As the mushrooms are available in both powder and capsule form, they are easy to incorporate into a healthy lifestyle. The powdered mushrooms come with a 120-gram spoon which allows the powder to be mixed with drinks, cereal or soups, an easy way to get all the health benefits of a mushroom!

The capsules are vegetarian and each contain 450mg per capsule. Capsules are a quick and effective way to get all the health benefits of a mushroom. For your correct dosage, please refer to the packaging label for directions*.

*Please note the mushroom capsules cannot be mixed with acidic drinks such as organic juice or carbonated drinks.


Magic mushrooms?!

Now that you are geared up with a wealth of Mycology knowledge, you will now know that these mushrooms have many nutritional properties which may even be more powerful than you first realised.

Keep an eye out for future blogs which will feature the Mycology Nutrition range of mushrooms for health and wellbeing!


The complete Mycology Nutrition range is available on our shop. If you would like to know more about the range or any of our other products, please contact us at info@mycologynutrition.com


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