Does Mushroom Coffee Actually Have Health Benefits?

Does Mushroom Coffee Actually Have Health Benefits?

You've probably heard a lot of hype surrounding mushroom coffee and its potential, but of course like anything new - you're bound to be a little skeptical at first. 

So, let's dive into how mushroom coffee is created and whether there are any significant benefits for health, compared to traditional blends...  

Does mushroom coffee benefit health naturally?

In short, the answer is yes! 

As this special type of coffee features medicinal mushrooms, these species have been scientifically proven to benefit health in a variety of ways. 

Taking this one step further, adding authentic Eastern herbs into these blends of mushroom coffee make for a phenomenal health elixir.

We've broken down each blend and how these could benefit health and wellbeing goals... 

Endurance Coffee - Cordyceps & Siberian Ginseng

A match-up made for peak athletic performance, combining Cordyceps and Siberian Ginseng is an ancient masterpiece.

Cordyceps mushroom was a big talking point at the 1993 Chinese National Games. A team of Chinese women runners shattered 9 world records throughout the competition, which was a staggering achievement. 

Post-tournament, the athletes' coach attributed their incredible performances to the use of Cordyceps mushroom throughout the games. 

In terms of taste, these herbs in raw form can be particularly potent. Therefore, infusing them with rich Arabica coffee is one easy way to consume adaptogens without pushing your tastebuds to their limits. 

Siberian Ginseng has been traditionally used in Chinese medicine for prevention of colds and flu, plus being extremely beneficial for energy, longevity and vitality. 

Focus Coffee - Lion's Mane & Organic Tumeric

Ever have those days where nothing really seems to click into place in your brain? 

Lion's Mane mushroom is an ancient ingredient which has been scientifically proven to help support cognitive function, including memory, focus and concentration. 

Research has shown that it's a proven neuroprotectant and is known to induce the nerve growth factor (NGF), which helps to produce new neurons. 

The advantages when consuming Lion's Mane over a period of time are improvements in long-term memory, mental clarity and positive effects on brain health. 

Pairing this medicinal mushroom with Organic Tumeric allows for a powerful combination. Being predominantly used in Indian cooking, this herb contains active ingredients, such as curcumin, which can potentially help brain fog

Tumeric also contains anti-inflammatory properties, making it the perfect herb to feature alongside Lion's Mane mushroom. 

Immunity Coffee - Chaga Mushroom & Astragalus Root

With everyone dropping like flies as COVID ramps up its efforts to re-infect friends and family, it's a great idea to strengthen your defences where possible. 

Chaga mushroom is known as 'The King of Mushrooms', and whilst this is quite a statement, it lives up to the billing. 

Being naturally rich in antioxidants, consuming Chaga mushroom may offer several potential benefits such as lowering risk of high cholesterol, slowing cancer growth, supporting immune function and reducing blood pressure. 

Paired alongside one of the most prized herbs in the East, Astragalus Root (Huang Qi) has an amazing potential which compliments Chaga. 

With a mild antiviral activity, consuming Astragalus Root has been scientifically proven to improve immune function and even help with the prevention of cold/flu-like symptoms. 

Where can I find mushroom coffee? 

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