Mushroom & Herb Coffee: What Is It & Why Should You Drink It?

Mushroom & Herb Coffee: What Is It & Why Should You Drink It?

Quick question - would you rather pay £2.57 MORE per coffee, or treat yourself to a functional coffee with added health benefits for just £1?

Mushroom Herb Coffee is designed as the perfect balance between functionality and flavour, not only does it taste good but it does good. Here's how...

What is Mushroom Coffee? 

Mushroom coffee isn't a portobello 'shroom dunked in your favourite cappuccino (thank goodness)

It's a combination of rich Arabica coffee with functional health mushrooms, which create a dark, slightly nutty tasting beverage. 

You'd typically find health mushrooms used in this variety of coffee over culinary mushrooms due to their more advanced health boosting properties. 

Where do the herbs come into this? 

Mushroom & Herb coffee is growing in popularity worldwide for its versatility as an alternative to traditional brews. With some variations featuring authentic Eastern herbs blended with health mushrooms, does the extravagant idea match the function?

Authentic herbs have been used for thousands of years in the East for their ability to naturally improve health and wellbeing. 

Combining organic functional mushrooms and Eastern herbs makes for a powerful partnership when infused in coffee.

Each herb and mushroom is matched based on their properties for health, to compliment one another whilst assisting a specific function to improve wellness naturally. 

What are the potential benefits of drinking Mushroom Coffee? 

There are a variety of potential benefits when drinking mushroom & herb coffee blends, including:

  • Boost mental & physical strength
  • Bring vitality to your soul
  • Level up stamina/performance
  • Reduce brain fog
  • Fight fatigue
  • Improve focus
  • Nurture immunity
  • Provide internal support


What blends are available? 

There are 3 main functional mushroom coffees available which have been blended with complimentary Eastern herbs...

Endurance Coffee (Cordyceps & Siberian Ginseng)

Focus Coffee (Lion's Mane & Organic Tumeric)

Immunity Coffee (Chaga & Astragalus Root)


Now that you've got some beautiful mushroom coffee blends to enjoy, show you're the trendsetter in your friendship group!

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