World coffee morning QUIZ! Share a cuppa!

World coffee morning QUIZ! Share a cuppa!

Ah, the joy of coffee! The aroma of freshly brewed coffee wafting through the air, the promise of a new day, and the delightful prospect of sharing a cup with dear friends. But what if we told you there's a way to elevate this cherished ritual even further? Enter mushroom coffee, a trend that's taking the coffee world by storm. Join us as we explore this exciting fusion of flavours and potential health benefit and find out which mushroom coffee you and your best bud should savour on World Coffee Morning on the 29th of September!

Discover Your Mushroom Coffee Soul Connection...

In this lively quest, we’ll help you unearth your mushroom coffee personality and friendship. Answer the following 5 questions with the options provided and let the magic of mushrooms reveal your perfect blend for world coffee morning with your friends or loved ones!


1. How would you and your friends describe your ideal morning routine?

A. Invigorating workout to kickstart the day
B. A peaceful and reflective start with a good book
C. A balance of light exercise and relaxation

2. How do you and your friends prefer to unwind after a busy day?

A. Intense workout or physical activity together
B. Cosying up with a good book or film under a warm blanket 
C. Meditation and yoga or chilling together with relaxing music

3. Which activity appeals to you and your friends the most?

A. Hitting the gym or playing competitive sports
B. Engaging in a joint creative hobby
C. A gentle yoga session, a leisurely walk or a spot of gardening together

4. How would you and your friends describe your energy levels during the day?

A. High-energy individuals, always on the go
B. Moderate energy, experiencing periods of both lows and highs
C. Maintaining steady and balanced energy levels

5. What's your favourite way to spend quality time with friends?

A. Outdoor activities, sports, or dancing the night away
B. Cosy gatherings with good conversations and shared interests
C. A mix of activities - perhaps shopping or a casual brunch

Unveiling Your Perfect Friendship Brew

Let’s unravel the mystery and see which mushroom coffee aligns with your personality and that of your friends to share on world coffee morning! Each of these mushroom coffee blends contains a carefully curated duo of mushrooms, each offering unique benefits.


Mostly A's: Endurance Mushroom Coffee

(Cordyceps & Siberian Ginseng)

Congratulations, you're the energetic go-getters of the group! If you and your friends are the embodiment of energy, constantly seeking challenges and love a good workout, the Endurance Mushroom Coffee is your match. Infused with Cordyceps and Siberian Ginseng, this blend will fuel your adventures, boost your endurance, and keep your energy levels soaring high. It's the perfect fuel to conquer the day and reach new heights together.

 Potential Benefits:

  • Cordyceps: Enhances endurance and provides a sustainable energy boost, perfect for active souls.
  • Siberian Ginseng: An adaptogen that helps the body cope with stress and boosts endurance.

Mostly B's: Immunity Mushroom Coffee

(Chaga & Astragalus Root)

You and your friends prioritise wellness and appreciate the value of a peaceful morning. If curling up with a good book and focusing on your well-being is your preferred way to start the day, the Immunity Mushroom Coffee is the one for you. Blending Chaga and Astragalus Root, this coffee supports your immune system, promoting overall health and vitality. Share a cup of this immunity-boosting brew, deepen your bond, and savour the magic of good health together.

  Potential Benefits:

  • Chaga: Packed with antioxidants, supports a strong immune system and overall well-being.
  • Astragalus Root: Known for its immune-boosting properties, promoting resilience and vitality.

  • Mostly C's: Focus Mushroom Coffee

    (Lion's Mane & Organic Reishi)

    For those seeking a blend that aligns with balance and focus, the Focus Mushroom Coffee beckons. You and your friends enjoy a steady, balanced approach to mornings, valuing both mental clarity and physical wellness. Infused with Lion's Mane and Organic Reishi, this coffee is perfect for enhancing cognitive function and supporting creativity. Brew a pot of this blend, indulge in thoughtful conversations, and together, explore the depths of your creativity and focus.


     Potential Benefits:

  • Lion's Mane: Supports brain function and focus, aiding in mental clarity and creativity.
  • Organic Reishi: Promotes relaxation and balance, perfect for maintaining a centred mind.

    As you plan your next coffee rendezvous with friends, consider the invigorating world of mushroom coffee and select a blend that resonates with your unique personalities and enhances your shared moments. Cheers to friendship, vitality, and a cup of mushroom-infused coffee that elevates your mornings!

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