Advance health with adaptogenic coffee

Boost your wellbeing goals with the help of health mushrooms and authentic Eastern herbs - a perfect match, made in a cuppa.
  • Rich Arabica Coffee

    Premium blend in every cup
  • 100% Authentic Herbs

    Combined with quality ingredients
  • £1 per serving

    Better taste, less cost
  • Made in-house

    Created with the highest standards
Everything we do is with you in mind. We only use the highest quality Eastern herbs and health mushrooms to create three functional coffees. 


treasure the moment


organic mushrooms

Using Chaga, Cordyceps and Lion's Mane mushrooms to create three delightful blends.

made in the uk

All of our mushroom coffees are made in-house, in the UK to meet our quality standards.

Unlock your goals

Drinking adaptogenic coffee is an easy way to support your health naturally.

Eastern herbs

All ingredients are grown with the DaoDi principle, a classical technique across China.

USDA Organic

Our mushrooms are cultivated on organic oats in sunny California with the hull intact.

Enjoy 15 servings

One packet of mushroom coffee is 15 servings, meaning long-lasting enjoyment.

How to Make the perfect cup

2 Scoops Is all it takes

Use 2 teaspoons (4g) with hot water and stir well.

Add milk if desired

Swirl in a dish of milk to your coffee if required.

Sit back and enjoy

Combining premium taste and ingredients, this is a cuppa to savour.


The future tastes great

We're changing the way coffee should be drunk - with health in mind. Be a part of the journey and experience the potential of combining aromatic herbs and medicinal mushrooms. 
  • 100% Natural Ingredients In Each Cup

  • More Cost Effective Than Traditional Coffee

  • Vegan Friendly, Gluten Free % Non-GMO


mushroom coffee reviews

Fantastic aroma and taste.

Alva M.