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Chaga Mushroom (Bai Hua Rong) Powder

Chaga Mushroom (Bai Hua Rong) Powder

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Chaga mushrooms have been traditionally used in areas of Siberia and other Asian territories as an immunity-boosting natural tonic to improve overall health.

Also known as the King of Mushrooms, or the 'Most Powerful Antioxidant Yet Found' as labelled by modern science experts, this medicinal mushroom is packed full of potential.

It typically grows on the bark of birch trees in colder climates, particularly across Northern Europe, Russia, Korea, Alaska and Northern Canada. 

Naturally low in calories, high in fibre and packed with antioxidants, the hype around Chaga mushroom is well and truly justified.  


120g of premium Chaga mushroom powder.

How to use

2g of powder (2 heaped spoons), 1-3 times daily with or without food. 

This powder can be added to any meal/drink (excl. citrus products). 

Serving spoon included inside.


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  • The Versatile One

    Chaga has been historically used to treat a range of conditions, including cancers, viral/bacterial infections and gastro-intestinal disorders. Chaga’s most important components are a large number of betulinic acid derivatives and melano-glucan complexes. 

  • Effective For Psoriasis

    Northern European studies have shown that consuming Chaga is beneficial for psoriasis which is supported by a test conducted on 50 psoriasis patients. There was a reported 76% cure rate, with a further improvement found in an additional 16% of cases. 

  • Anti-Viral Properties

    Consuming Chaga mushroom has also been traditionally used to treat a number of viral conditions.

Charismatic Chaga

In the eyes of Traditional Chinese Medicine, this fungus is neutral (almost sweet) in flavour, with a slightly warm nature. It's function predominantly targets the spleen, stomach and liver meridians to regulate qi (vital energy).

Chaga has been known to potentially assist digestive disorders, pressure/distention of the stomach, reduce abdomen pain, intestine inflammation, belching, lack of appetite, strongly expel wind, invigorate qi, preserve the liver, tonify the kidneys whilst calming the heart and mind.  

Magic Mycology

Our mushrooms are grown under highly controlled and hygienic conditions in California.

Free from GMOs, artificial preservatives and colourings, all of our products are tested in California and Germany to ensure zero contamination of heavy metals.

Naturally gluten free, Kosher and suitable for vegetarians